Leonidas 'Leon' Azuran


Leon is a warrior from the state of Morne. He was born into a noble family, with strong links to Chalcesianism and a knightly order, known as the Decadeans, devoted to serving Chalcus and monitoring a responsible use of magic in the region.

Leon’s father, Hargarius, is a lord and knight, renowned for his honour and fairness to do what is right. Leon’s older brother, Oriseus has embarked on a similarly righteous and honourable path as Decadean knight. Leon himself was not suited to that particular path. A natural dislike of authority and a desire to prove himself, without inviting direct comparison, led Leon to strike out on his own, the day following his 18th birthday.

Initially working as a guard for the various caravans that cross the region, Leon has since fallen in with the group led by the mysterious Atalina Dragonbane.

Leonidas 'Leon' Azuran

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